If you ever wondered what happened to the Moon Seven Times, here's your answer. Three of us formed an unlikely union with a copy of local hotshots over the course of a long, lonely fall and winter. Starting wtih the songwriting team from M7x, singer Canfield and drummer/producer/guy who plays a little bit of everything Brendan Gamble, Shotgun Wedding was a top secret studio project resulting in a heap of songs recorded at Private Studios in Urbana with a little help from Jonathan Pines and a few good men. Among them was boy genius Todd Fletcher, also from M7x, who joined the live band as piano and organ player. Shotgun Wedding then gathered the fabulous Rob Arrol (of Mary Me, Dick Justice, Belva Plain, Superhero Forehead, Days in December, etc.) on bass, and guitar god Brian Wilkie (if you don't already know who he is, just ask the guy sitting next to you). The batch of songs included on this website are most of those top secret songs plus a couple of newer ones. Now that we've evolved into a real live live band, we're trying to capture that vibe on tape too and promise to provide samples of it here as soon as we get more of it down!