Photo by Ray Greninger

Easy Street

If I was gonna sing at your wedding, this might be a good one.  Other songs might be Iíd Rather Go Blind or the theme from Friends.  I like having the last word.  Or really just all the words or as many as possible.  Donít tell me itís okay to call you whenever, cause I will.  I call Brian Wilkie several times a day because he said it was alright, and I believed him.  I am currently in rehab for this.  Easy Street features a guitar solo by Brian, with Brendan on everything else.  Brian asked Brendan how long he thought it would take to cut the guitar, like maybe fifteen minutes?  Brendan laughed.  Brian came over and set up his amp at 1:12.  They stuck a mike in front of it.  Brendan hit ďrecordĒ.  Brian played.  They moved the mike out of the way, Brian packed up his amp and left at 1:27.  While the other tracks were cut, I hung around outside spying on the neighbors and wishing they hadnít hauled away the old water heater that people could put their beer bottles on during breaks.  Thereís some garbage out there that could have been strawberries at one time but now has fur.  No one was willing to hang around the studio at all when it was my turn to cut, but it really didnít take me that long and I wasnít nearly as grouchy as usual.