The second screen will contain 16 choices. We'll let you in on them a few at a time. Click on any of them to see a full-size color cartoon of a song. At the bottom of that screen you'll find a quarter note (on some songs) and a magnifying glass. To hear a snippet of the song, hit the note. For more fascinating details and secret pictures, select the magnifier. If you want to leave a note on this site, do so here. If you want to link to us, give me the story line that will build the bridge to you!

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The Moon Seven Times
Private Studios


B&W performance photos by E. Katie Holm 1997
Color performance photos by Theo Merritt 1998
"Brian at Wrigley Field" by Unknown Photographer
Brian's B&W Head by Ray Greninger
Web Site by Andrea Ingram
Everything Else by Us